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Hey ?. My name is Sebastian Jaster. One of my biggest passions in life is creating comics and illustrations.

Dan and Clue webcomic is about a couple that are polar opposites. She’s impetuous, he’s phlegmatic, herein lies the tragicomedy. It started as a comic strip that soon evolved in 48 pages long, stand alone adventure that is much more elaborate and detailed than 3 panel webcomic strips. I quickly sketched the whole story and currently I am working on my first comic book album debut titled “Dan and Clue: DIET”.

If you like my work, there’s few thing you can do to support me.

  • ko-fi –  Ko-fi is helping all kinds of creators. You can buy me a cuppa.
  • Store – In the Store you can find my art prints as well as original art.
  • T-shirts  – You can find my tee designs at Teepublic.
  • Ads – By clicking on the Google Ads below my comic, you are supporting me without spending a penny! How’s that sound?
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Stay in touch on social media @sebajaster – Instagram • Reddit • Twitter and Facebook.
My professional portfolio website is here.

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